Hi, I’m Beverley, a creative practitioner with a passion for wellbeing.

I have many tools under my belt including acting, performing, laughter therapy, NLP, and hypnotherapy, and I use these in a variety of ways to help people better cope with life’s challenges.

I’m often found on stage telling my story, delivering key note talks, or performing shows which offer powerful messages of joy and hope.

My life hasn’t been without challenge, and in October 2018 my son Jess took his own life, aged 20.

I’ve been open about my experience of grief and suicide, and I’m finding my magic again through creativity and laughter.

Through my online laughter club, Laugh with Bev, I help individuals feel more connection, joy, and playfulness in life. It’s lighthearted fun, but actually has proven benefits for both physical and mental health.

I host laughter sessions at parties, retreats, festivals, and for staff wellbeing, as well as delivering engaging talks for conferences and company events.

My creative projects include a short film Five Days to Say Goodbye, which captures the story of my final days with my son before his funeral, Clauida, The Complimentary Critic, a performance project for galleries, museums and trails, and Tina’s Pop In , an immersive theatre experience encouraging positivity and wellbeing

My latest show Finding Magic was awarded Arts Council funding and premiered in October 2020 in socially distanced theatre shows and streamed via Zoom, with a further specially adapted show specifically for an audience on Zoom.

I’m passionate about helping people uncover their full potential and will continue inspiring others to live fulfilling lives.

Podcasts I’ve been featured on

Adversity to Advantage with Petra Velzeboer – Episode 133. Surviving My Son’s Suicide with Beverley Bishop


Watch my interview with Spiritual Writer and Teacher Katie Oman

Hear me on stage

True Stories Live is a series of curated events in which people tell their stories from stage to a live audience – these are my true stories.

Tiger Mama, True Stories Live, 2020

Razzle-dazzle, True Stories Live, 2019

I listened to your true story podcast. Now I’m trying to avoid cliches here but what an extraordinarily brave and beautiful thing you did there. Delivered so wonderfully. Composed and eloquent but drenched in love and passion. Really extraordinary. I’m going to try and keep my razzle-dazzle alive and well. Thank you and thank you Jess for the lesson and the inspiration.

Anthony Roberts, Colchester Arts Centre